Alien 3 Automatic Water Maker

From $9,500, contact us for a quote! Financing Available. The Alien 3 model continues the Alien series technology but with a few significant enhancements....
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From $9,500

From $9,500, contact us for a quote!

Financing Available.

The Alien 3 model continues the Alien series technology but with a few significant enhancements. A remote mounted touch screen allows the owner to choose a location up to 75 feet from the main control system providing the convenience of operating the system in the main living area or helm. The new touch screen operation is more simplistic with clearly labeled buttons and animation making it easier for the non-technical person to use the system. The touch screen also now incorporates displays for water quality and production rate so there is no need to go below to check those gauges. The enhanced pressure control system and display further enhances safety and improves membrane longevity to protect your investment. Our three phase, VFD controlled high pressure pump is quieter and draws very low amperage at startup, making it possible to run from a 4KW inverter. Industrial design techniques and components provide the same reliability as previous models but now with a smaller footprint. Turn it on, push a button, and walk away. The system will handle everything from activating the pumps and monitoring the water quality to automatically flushing the system when the cycle is completed.

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Intuitive Touch Screen operator interface with improved graphics and animation using industrial level components to ensure reliability.

Remote Mount Touch Screen can be located up to 75 feet from the main control section providing increased flexibility and convenience.

Fully automated system with multiple viewing screens to further simplify daily operation.

Automatic fresh water flush to reduce bacteria buildup and prolong membrane life.

Ultraviolet Light standard with all systems certified 99.9% efficient.

Enhanced pressure control system provides additional safety and consistent pressure during the water making cycle.

Water quality monitor with alarm and production flow rate displays are incorporated into the touch screen.

Can operate on seawater or brackish water.

Three phase VFD technology provides quiet pump operation with significantly less startup current allowing operation from a 4KW inverter.

Continuous duty motors and solid state relays ensure reliability.

Self-contained small footprint components for simplistic installation.

Every system 100% tested prior to shipment.

Designed and built in America by Veterans.

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Power Requirements: 120 volts AC, 20 amp circuit, 12 -18-amp nominal operating load depending upon pump horsepower

Remote mount Touch Screen operator interface with fully automatic functionality

Physical Dimensions: 

  - Power module 28” L x 12” W x 14.5” H

  - Control Panel,  15.25”H x 12”W x 5.75”D

  - Snap rack membrane housing assembly 29”L x 12”W x 4.75”H. 

 Maximum water production: up to 40 gallons per hour, depending upon membrane configuration

2521 MRP Membrane Housing rated at 1000 psi

2.5” x 21” RO Sea Water Membranes (2-4)

.3 HP Continuous Duty Self Priming Feed Pump

1-1.5 HP 3 phase Continuous Duty Self Priming High-Pressure Pump (specification dependent) with VFD controlled start

5 Micron Sediment Filter

5 Micron Carbon Filter to remove chlorine during flush cycle

Ultraviolet Light for final purification (certified 99.6% efficient, 2 gpm rated flow rate)

Continuous water quality monitoring via an integrated TDS Meter with on-screen display

On-screen digital flow indicator displays flow rate in GPM, and total water produced

Operating pressure range 750-800 psi.  Automatic control with safety pressure reduction at 835 psi and over pressure safety shutdown set to 850 psi

All pipe fittings are corrosion resistance with no hose clamps

Automated flush system to eliminate bacteria and prolong the life of the components, including membranes and pumps

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Pre Sale Questions

Water maker systems work by utilizing an extremely fine filter called a membrane through which raw water is pushed via a high pressure pump. The membrane only permits water molecules to pass through and rejects 99.9% of everything else including salt, bacteria, and most viruses.
As a guideline, most cruisers use 20 gallons of water per day per person. If you are planning on having 2 people on board, you should have a minimum of 40 gallons per day available. For 2 people a 20 gallon per hour water maker is sufficient.
It is not recommended to make water while underway because of the chance of drawing fuel or oil into the system which would destroy the membrane.

Most Asked Technical Questions

All filters should be changed annually even if they do not need to be changed.
You will need a 20 amp dedicated electrical service. space for the equipment, a minimum of 1 thru-hull but 2 are recommended, and a clean, dry environment for the control system
With proper maintenance the membranes should last for 5-10 years.
There is very little maintenance on our system. However, there are some checks to do and are listed in the user’s manual. Some checks include looking at the piping and valving once per month and, even though the system establishes the pressure automatically, you should visually verify the pressure every 10th use.
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