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Frequently Asked Questions

Pre Sale Questions

Our water makers are meant for use in most salt and fresh bodies of water.
Yes, but at a reduced pressure.
The control system is guaranteed for 2 years. However, there are systems using this control architecture that have been running 24/7 non-stop for over a decade.
It is not recommended to make water while underway because of the chance of drawing fuel or oil into the system, which would destroy the membrane.
You can contact us at or 352-575-9136.
Water maker systems work by utilizing an extremely fine filter called a membrane through which raw water is pushed via a high pressure pump. The membrane only permits water molecules to pass through and rejects 99.9% of everything else including salt, bacteria, and most viruses.
As a guideline, most cruisers use 20 gallons of water per day per person. If you are planning on having 2 people on board, you should have a minimum of 40 gallons per day available. For 2 people a 20 gallon per hour water maker is sufficient.
In layman’s terms a water maker system takes raw non-potable water and turns it into fresh drinking water through a system of filters and UV lights.
Yes. Fresh water made through a water maker RO system is completely safe to drink.
If you will be away from a pure water source for more than 3 or 4 days you will probably need a water maker.
Absolutely. It’s a proven technology used throughout the world.
Contrary to popular belief, an RO system does not kill bacteria and viruses. It stops most, but not all. Our UV light ensures 99.6% of viruses and bacteria are eliminated prior to sending the water to the fresh water tank.
A carbon filter eliminates chlorine from the water. Chlorine will destroy the RO membrane.

Most Asked Technical Questions

It is imperative to flush the system to ensure membrane longevity and limit the chance of bacteria growth. Failure to flush after making water is the number one reason water makers fail. We do not agree with the thought process that making water every day negates the need to flush. Flushing pushes out contaminates.
The electrical side is all plugs and the piping side is all quick disconnects. It is recommended you have two available thru-hulls. One to bring in the raw water and one to dump the brine.
All filters should be changed annually even if they do not need to be changed.
You will need a 20 amp dedicated electrical service, space for the equipment, a minimum of 1 thru-hull, but 2 are recommended, and a clean, dry environment for the control system.
Yes, as long as the inverter is sufficiently sized. A minimum 4,000 watt inverter is required. The inverter must be a pure sine wave unit.
With proper maintenance the membranes should last for 5-10 years.
Yes. Typically you can tap into the AC water cooling line.
There is very little maintenance on our system. However, there are some checks to do and are listed in the user’s manual. Some checks include: Looking at the piping and valving once per month. Although the system establishes the pressure automatically, you should visually verify the pressure every 10th use.
It is recommended to run the water maker for short periods daily rather than long periods once a week. This will minimize the chance of bacteria growth.
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