Our Mission

Our goal is to provide an automated water making system that is push button simple, reliable, affordable, and intuitive to the yachting and boating industry as well as a variety of other applications. We operate as a team to insure all aspects of the business come together to guarantee an exceptional product with outstanding support.

Our Story

We are Glenn and Crystal Adams. Between the two of us we have over 40 years experience in engineering, machine design, manufacturing management, and business management. We have owned and operated pet related businesses, real estate business, and online sales operations building all from the ground up.

Our Journey

When we retired, we moved onto a 1989 48’ Californian Motor Yacht. We completely refurbished the interior and made it our home. We enjoyed traveling the Intracoastal Waterway from Florida to the Chesapeake and back as well as enjoying some time in the Ábacos.

Our Approach

When we moved onto the yacht, we did not have a water maker so we purchased a manual unit to meet our needs. We found the manual operation required constant supervision to insure proper functionality during both the entire water making cycle and the cleaning cycle. In research we only found a few water makers that were either semi automatic or fully automatic but all were excessively expensive.

We have designed and built a fully automatic water maker at the same price level as manual systems and one that requires no supervision once it begins to make water.
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