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GCAAW Custom Series

From $9,000

Custom Series System

Each system is designed and quoted to meet the customer’s requirements.

Financing Available

  • Output: 500 gpd - 12,000 gpd
  • Capable of making fresh water from almost any raw water source
  • Can be designed as automatic or manual operation
  • Touch Screen user interface;  easy to operate, intuitive
  • Automatic Systems: functions displayed in the graphics on the touch screen
    • Pressure, water quality, flow rate, pump activation, alarms, valves, and auto-flush are displayed by the Touch Screen
    • Remote Touch Screen optional
  • Proven, American made, industrial grade programmable logic controller
  • VFD motor controls to eliminate pump current in-rush spike
  • Continuous-duty rated components
  • Piping connections can be quick connect or push to connect
  • Fast startup / testing thanks to designated test functions

These units are heavy duty, engineered systems, designed for daily use

We stand behind our products after the sale with tech support  available 7 days per week. 

Each system is custom designed with the customer’s requirements, use, operator skill level, and location as the criteria provided to our engineering team.

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