GCAAW Custom Series

Fully custom designed and built water purification systems for unique applications that don’t fit our normal production units.  Using our experience and industrial design techniques we will provide a custom system that will meet the water purification needs of almost any situation. Price estimates and specific quotations are provided after meeting to discuss the application requirements. Custom Series pricing starts at $12,000 for smaller systems and can range to $500,000+ for container mounted large systems.  Request a quote for your custom series today!

Our GCAAW Custom Series water purification systems are designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the customer. Every aspect of the system is custom designed and built for the individual application. The Custom Series applications include disaster relief, residential, off grid, stand-by, 3rd world, and combat areas. Each system is designed for the specific situation. We work with the customer(s) to develop specifications, operational parameters, functionality, maintenance programs, as well as training to ensure a successful startup and future operation. We want to make sure each Custom System meets the needs of the organization, community, or individual. 

Water production capacities available from 120 gpd to 12,000 gpd using almost any raw water source.

When multiple systems are purchased, a prototype is built to ensure the system operates as the customer expects. Real world testing of the prototype is required.

Request a quote for your custom series today!

Each system is a fully custom design so if you can dream it, we can design and build it 

Water production from 5 gph (120 gal/day) to 500 gph (12,000 gal/day) 

Ability to convert almost any raw water source to drinking water including brackish water, sea water, ponds, lakes, etc 

Available as a fully manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic control system 

Trailor and container mounted systems available with or without power generator 

Emergency water supply systems with self-dispensing stations for disaster relief and emergency situations 

Light weight portable systems for military and rough service applications 

Custom installation service available (service rates apply) 

Site service, installation, and maintenance available (service rates apply) 

Off-site and On-Site operation and maintenance training available (service rates apply) 

Industrial level components provide extreme reliability and spare parts availability


Request a quote for your custom series today!

Using the reverse osmosis method of converting raw water to drinking water, we have applied our knowledge and experience to enable our systems to convert almost any raw water source to drinking water. 

While every system in the Custom Series is specific to the application, we will continue to utilize industrial level components and design concepts to ensure toughness, reliability, and longevity. 

Automated systems will use a touch screen as the operator interface and all systems will have over pressure and water quality protection. 

Water quality TDS will be less than 500 ppm. 

Power requirements will depend on the system design. 

VFD motor control will be used on all automated systems. 

Membrane type and size will be application dependent. P

refilter size, number, and type are application dependent. 

We are veterans so we will specify American made where possible.


Request a quote for your custom series today!

Pre Sale Questions

Water maker systems work by utilizing an extremely fine filter called a membrane through which raw water is pushed via a high pressure pump. The membrane only permits water molecules to pass through and rejects 99.9% of everything else including salt, bacteria, and most viruses.
As a guideline, most cruisers use 20 gallons of water per day per person. If you are planning on having 2 people on board, you should have a minimum of 40 gallons per day available. For 2 people a 20 gallon per hour water maker is sufficient.
It is not recommended to make water while underway because of the chance of drawing fuel or oil into the system which would destroy the membrane.

Most Asked Technical Questions

All filters should be changed annually even if they do not need to be changed.
You will need a 20 amp dedicated electrical service. space for the equipment, a minimum of 1 thru-hull but 2 are recommended, and a clean, dry environment for the control system
With proper maintenance the membranes should last for 5-10 years.
There is very little maintenance on our system. However, there are some checks to do and are listed in the user’s manual. Some checks include looking at the piping and valving once per month and, even though the system establishes the pressure automatically, you should visually verify the pressure every 10th use.
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