The Alien Series fully automated water maker utilizes industrial grade automation to convert sea water and other non potable water into drinking water.

Fully Automated

Remote Mount Touch Screen


VFD Controlled Start

GCA Automated Watermakers are the first fully automatic water makers designed for yachts/boats in the 40’-200’ range offering the ability to mount the touch screen at the helm.

Through the use of automation GCA Automated Watermakers will produce fresh water with minimal to zero operator interaction. The systems are tough, reliable and easy to use.

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The Semper Pürus automated water maker offers a compact, fully automated system.

Compact 3 Piece System

Touch Screen Control

Automatic Flushing System

Up to 30 gph Water Production

Semper Pürus

The Semper Pürus automated water maker is fully automatic taking the complexity out of making water. The Semper Pürus is a compact, 3 component system for ease of installation.


All systems are easily flushed to ensure long membrane and component life.

Up to 40 gph Production


Game Changer!

Troy Branham

We can’t say enough about this water maker. Being off the grid means that water is truly priceless, so the 40 GPH water production is a life saver. No more generator! There truly is no other water maker on the planet that even comes close.

So easy to use!

Chris Spann
Panama City, Florida

The GCA Automated water maker system’s touch screen control is a great way to make these systems easy for the weekend boater, part time cruiser, and live aboard to easily use.
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